Looking for help with FOG Project?
There are two main resources, the community run forums and the wiki. Use these resources to help get setup and running with FOG Project.
The Forums
The FOG Forums are the recommended way to get help with FOG Project. With over 102,000 searchable posts, and over 39,000 users, the forums contain a vast knowledge base. The forums have a daily presence of the development and moderator teams. A posting will often be responded to within an hour.
The Wiki
While the forums are the recommended way to get help, a large amount of information is available from the FOG Project wiki. The articles and tutorials are written by developers, moderators, testers, and other community members. Search results will automatically be included when performing searches from the FOG Forums as well.
The IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
We also have an IRC channel where you can reach out for more real-time communication with other community members. The channel can help you with support or just basic discussions about FOG.
The official #fog channel is on Libera.Chat. For more information about setting up an IRC client click here.